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Tik Tok is one of the largest growing social media platforms currently available. Tik Tok is a video creation tool where users have fifteen seconds to create a short video. Many of these videos are accompanied by a song. The videos may be shot in one stretch or edited together from shorter clips. Tik Tok is quite popular with younger generations due to its viral nature and “share-ability.” Tik Tok, formerly Music.ly, is still relatively young but continues to grow at a rate that is quite remarkable.

Tik Tok users have their own profile, where each of their fifteen second clip videos are saved. This is not too dissimilar to the Instagram homepage. Users may scroll through viral videos, watch videos of their friends, comment on, like, and share other user’s videos, and search for other content to watch. Tik Tok focuses very heavily on inspiring its users to be creative and many of the most viral videos feature different unique and often humorous takes on things. The time-limit often forces it’s users to think outside of the box, and this creativity is what draws many young people to the platform.

Tik Tok is offered in a variety of languages, although it uses little to no actual language to navigate it. It is available for both Android and Apple cellphones, as well as some tablets and even Windows computers although much of the functionality does not transfer well to the computer.

Overall Tik Tok continues to grow despite many early-on doubts about its stability. It is a fun and unique app that focuses heavily on creativity and forces its users to be succinct and thoughtful. That being said there have been concerns raised by some users about the long term feasibility of such a social media platform. Can it transfer to older users as well as the younger ones that it currently has? Are the safety features strong enough? The future of Tik Tok remains to be seen, but presently it continues to dominate the charts while inspiring young people to think in new and creative ways.

A creative platform for self expression A unique look at what social media can be Completely free Available for Android and Apple phones

May present some security risks Geared more towards younger users

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